Simple Tips for Connecting with You

Teach Yourself How to Be Alone:

Read, Paint, Draw, Write, Build Something

Take up gardening

Discover a solo art form involving music or even a group,  something involving movement in  music

Spend time in nature, take up yoga, meditation, tai chi – a Chinese system of meditative physical exercise to balance

Pick up a deck of affirmation cards to post daily or carry with you

Carry a special amulet or sentimental piece with you

Create a designated space with a spiritual altar where you can place meaningful pictures, candles, incense, or affirmation cards to inspire you for greatness.  (This also creates a more serious place for you to manifest your dreams)!

Just speak to yourself, like praying,  (can be just like speaking to yourself) in just your  random daily activities.  Start asking yourself questions. Why do I feel like this?  How do I achieve this result,?  Why did I choose to do that?

Just journal and write about anything and everything


Exercises to Inspire Love

1) Write a list of what you love about yourself, including what makes you unique

2) Write a list of your true heart’s desires

3) Write about what brings you joy

4) Write about how you can picture your life differently to feel more happiness

5) Write a list of what you can do for yourself daily to nurture yourself

6) Write about your fears.  Imagine what it would feel like to overcome them

7) Make a list of what can show gratitude for

Remembering Love.

I call to you lovely, to open to me now.

Open to show me that

When I FEEL, my heart opens.

When I FEEL,  I FEEL love.

And when I feel love, my heart remembers,

To never abandon,

My old sketches,

That have so easily become,


And distressed,

Pages of the past.

Sixteen Verses

Curiosity cultivates the soul, and the scent of sake perfumes me.

My lips mirror memories.   But they can’t speak the words because my mind is lacquered with too many thoughts.

The first minutes that love first betook a jealousy, it kept me from knowing my own true heart.  This love was staged between intoxicating rhythms and beats of decadence, like a set of instruments, so beautiful.

Seducing me to seek them out, for the sake of my soul.

Sixteen verses placed inside the little girl, opens to consciousness.

While the beauty awakes these curves and the suspense of sick love unfolds.


The story,

Of how true love became.