The Blessing

A bird with wings walking straight, swallows.

With no doubt dripping fantasies,

To be authentic.

This seduction to reveal the dance, unveils itself.

I see now,

How my figure unwinds,

And the blessing of my love divine,



Tao, Going With The Flow To Cleansing and Healing

Watching the leaves drop the natural brown,

I feel the cleansing of my thoughts and my knees buckle with the coolness of the air.

Waiting for the flow, or Tao isn’t such a burden when I’m reminded to stay still like bamboo.

I become a firm instrument in my own healing, but flexible, instead of the leaf blown loosely.

A Love Song

The source of all love my dear one,

Steals a gaze,

And I exchange words.

When I overcome my thoughts

Blanketed by these affections,

I step back to the beat.

I adore this hope

In my prayers,

For a silent dedication,

To this,

I call,

A love song.

Goal Setting, Starting Young

Turning Dreams Into Reality Turning The Invisible Into Visible

(This can be used in all facets of life, it’s just about manifesting and creating the type of life you want to live)

Specifically this is about making a career out of something that could be looked at as a hobby, and encourage you to pursue your passion.  As well as inform you  it is possible to  make money doing what you love.  (Sometimes it may take working other jobs to help supplement a regular income).  That’s why it’s a great idea to start young, and work wisely.

There are alot of the reasons  fresh ideas don’t move forward, but here are just a few things to get you started., regardless of you are an entrepreneur and wanna invent a new product, idea, or service.  This is just about teaching you how to manifest dreams.

-Research marketing strategies /Being Social (Many facets available now)

-Focus on the goal, don’t worry about the  how it will come.  This helps create a step by step process.

By researching, taking notes, assessing others who may be doing the same thing

-Focus and Think about it. Alot.

Step One:

Listen to yourself.   Is this something you really want?  How hard will I have to work to get to my dream?  What will I need to do to bring this dream into reality?

Step Two:

Set up a personal map using these tips:

Is it sensible?  Does it make sense?

Has someone else already done this, or is doing this?

Or is it something unique?

Is this something I can attain now?  Or what do I need to do now to make this possible?

How much time will it take me?

Does this involve an investment of money?  And how much?

How much time is involved in manifesting this idea?

How much money do I want to make in my life at this time for my personal wants and to sustain me in the future? Define what type of lifestyle you would like to have.


Step Three:

(The perfect time to designate a creative space in a bedroom or study area).

Drawing pictures, symbols, and any ideas associated with your goal.  Envision as you already have it.  Include the steps and the end result.

Make a chart, and check off as you finish each step, reward yourself for achieving each goal

Now release your great ideas to come about!

Start this path to greatness, and you are on your way.

Just remember, don’t give up, stay passionate about your intent, and see what happens.

Using Our Words As Gifts of Acknowledgment

Making it a habit, it just makes our children feel good.  Adults as well.

Thank you for all the nice things you do.

Thank you for thinking of me.

I respect how you handled that situation today.

Thank you for caring and respecting your body by exercising and eating well.

You inspire me with your motivation.

I appreciate it when you try so hard.

Thank you for being patient when I was busy.

I have so much fun with you.

I truly appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

You are so creative and talented.


Excerpts From My Personal Diary, Emotional Security

So, in my opinion most issues or challenges I have with myself or others, I try to figure out myself.  But there are times I make myself crazy because I can’t.  My good friend and I have talked numerous times how people like us need special therapists as well.

We are of a mass of people who already know the issues at hand and are conscious of our actions already, we just need direction in how to move forward within our  dilemnas to manifest change.  It’s just the getting there, or how bout we already did “that,” now what?

For example in continuation of my post on Accepting, Forgiving, and Thanking My Mom:

I know I have experienced rejection, anger, and abandonment, which have all affected my sense of self worth.  In all of my years since I was in my early 20’s developing myself, I actually thought  I was moving past this.  But apparently it is rooted deus and my subconscious is havtimes hard time letting go.

Now what?  I would like to move past it finally, because I realize there is no reason to hold on to those feelings anymore.  I think I have been holding on to these feelings through my relationships with close friends.  And I feel I need to be independent OF them.

Over the past two years, I feel I have experienced the loss of close relationships that have caused me the same sort of emotional grief,  I can imagine, is like when you lose someone in a physical death.  But not quite as traumatic.  Never the less, relationships I cannot go back to.  And I had to retrain my brain to react differently.

So this is the beginning of when I really started journaling trying to get tonthe heart of the matter.  Asking myself alot of questions.

These are some of the personal notes from my diary…

What makes me feel abandoned as an adult,  (as a result of my mother giving me away)?

-People who are flakey, and this makes me think they are unreliable

-Not having a sense of family, even within my community

-The “sense” everyone leaves

What gives me emotional security?

-Writing because it helps me connect by talking with myself, and it helps me remember that I don’t NEED SOMEONE to give it to me

-Giving back to kids

-Visiting my temple regularly

Finding like-minded people who care as much about me as I do them


With the launch of my empowerment book, I truly feel I am closer to letting go of these emotions of my past.  It I has been a healing process of finally speaking my truth.  Which comes from not only my mother’s rejection, but also my society.


It has been a long time coming…

I’m makin magic happen, and the plan is start a movement for change…


I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to me and my life.

Accepting, Forgiving, and Thanking My Mother

For some reason I’m writing to myself again about this issue, maybe because it’s finally coming time to release my pages of the past, with the launch of my girl’s empowerment guide for 16 year olds.  It feels like it’s time to take pen to pad again and tell myself even in all the sadness and anger I have felt towards my mother, it’s time for real to accept, forgive, and actually thank her, all at the same time in this essay.  To heal, and move on to new beginnings of real self love through my guidebook, in which I am speaking my truth and releasing it to the public, something I have wanted to do since the age of 14.

Okay, so let me try to summarize and condense my upbringing, so you can better understand:

The story is passed down unclearly, but what I know is, shortly around age 2,  both of my mother’s parents passed away.  I think she was raised by village people, and I think she has one brother and one sister I met once (we never talked about this).  She had little if no education growing up, because she had no birth certificate.  Guess that’s how they ran things in Thailand, and maybe still do.

By the age of 19, she had 3 children by different men, one of which was an alcoholic, one was her monk. Don’t know if there was a third guy, I’m not sure. I don’t know if she knows either. lol

It wasn’t until the age of about 23 did she meet my father who was a GI at the time stationed in Bangkok, who met her in the typical scenario of a night club where after taking her home for the night, untypically, resulted in them staying together from that point on, travelling the world for dad’s work, and then moving to the states. (My father didn’t know she had three children. So, upon leaving Thailand to marry my father, the three children were left behind to be raised again, by some older people in the community.  Apparently, this is common in Thailand)

So fast forward to their divorce, after they relocated to the states, I was 6, and my brother was 14 (so we are 2 of 5) my father says my mother changed her demeanor a great deal as she started gambling and gossiping with neighbors about divorcing their husbands.  So this began my mother’s stories of all kinds of accusations with the law in order to create a cause for divorce.  With this also began the anger within my father towards her as a result of this.

So, in the divorce, in exchange for our house, my father got custody of my brother and I.  We located to the East Coast and he re-married a filipino woman with two children, who was a great mom to me, and I saw my mother and my stepfather in summers.  These two great men in my life, I feel really helped influence and embrace the male/side of me that is so funny and one of things I love about myself. I feel they are a big part of why I have always connected so well with men, plus I can be myself!

So in closing, what I have learned from my upbringing and the issues I have taken into adulthood with me (and must still be  holding onto),

I am ready to finally release: feelings of lack of self worth and value due to feelings of abandonment and rejection, to include any and all anger towards my mother

I have learned to:

1) Accept her: as she is, but this does not mean I need to be involved with her anymore.   I understand she is who she is based on what she experienced.  I also see she has been very spoiled and probably has never been told “no.”  I understand she is still very much a child who was very poor once and only wanted a better life for herself and her children. I understand she loves them all very much the best she tries to show them in the best ways she knows how, despite her choices.. I understand she is delusional, more than the average person, lol

2) Forgive her:

for constantly complaining about how many bills she had and how many kids she had.

giving me away in a “sense”

for not accepting how I wanted to dress as a teenager, to include “looking like a boy”

3) Feel compassion and empathy:

for what she has been through, but not allow myself to feel bad anymore about what she says or does.  As an adult, I choose to try not to surround myself or my family with that energy

4) Thank her:

for bringing the philosophy and way of living of Buddhism into my life, as well any enhanced skills in intuition (she has read my mind a few times) because these two things have become a passion of mine to delve deeper.

From another standpoint, I should actually thank her for giving me to my dad…who knows what would have become of me…

And so even in the sadness and sense of being torn down, my mother did empower me.

But had it not been for:

The other great people raising me, self help books, the philosophy of Buddhism (being spiritually connected),  ideologies of Punk Rock music as a teenager, nd running my own business in my early 20’s (becoming more extroverted), I would not be who I am today.

So in finally letting go, I accept, forgive, and thank my mother, a poor orphaned girl from Ayutthaya, a woman with her own stories…who could be viewed as a woman who overcame and triumphed as well…