Finding Peace

Blessings are raptured between songs finding peace.

While the dancing stops me in my tracks,

The divine beauty of my heart speaks to my beloved.

If love is the soul’s joy and prized possession,

Let this heart break from its own fear,

And open,


Of me.


My Sweet Heart

O’ Beauty touch me still.

Pressed up in innocence against me,

The touch of your softness and the mastery of your skills,

Sing sweet perfection.

It seduces me into a slumber

Where my body goes limb

And I can no longer find the words to speak.

I ache for the chance to

To meet you again,

Sweet soul.

I hold you,

My dearest


In my hands,

And kiss you,

Waiting for your return.

Free Writing

Consciousness writing.

The main objective is to allow the writing to come spontaneously.

Keep your hand moving. So the heart and mind can move freely.

Practiced daily this can reconnect you with a deep part of yourself.

Where deep feelings surface, purging and cleansing you for the good!

This exercise cleanses, increases awareness, and just helps clear your head. 🙂

What is Flower Essence Therapy and how can it help me?

The practice of using flower essences in a consistent, purposeful way to experience emotional harmony and spiritual well being.  The essences can be used to support or change our emotional attitudes and ways of perceiving.  They provide a language that helps us understand our inner world and the ways in which we respond to life and life’s situations.  Flower essences enhance our spiritual understanding by opening the channels to a direct experience with our soul and spirit.

While many healing modalities focus on the physical aspects of healing, flower essence therapy addresses the emotional and spiritual levels.  Healing is a multilevel process that encompasses the whole person, which includes the physical body, the emotions, mental outlook, attitudes, and spiritual understanding.

Here is a list of qualities you might like to invoke and help bring out the positive in you:










Unity with self or Creator




Can also be used for crisis situations: panic attacks, pain, anxiety before surgery, transitions in life, processing painful emotions, dealing with stress and demands of life, depression, feeling empty inside, unloved as well as unwanted.

Excerpt from:

The Art and Technique of Using Flower Essences By Cynthia Scherer