Free Writing

Consciousness writing.

The main objective is to allow the writing to come spontaneously.

Keep your hand moving. So the heart and mind can move freely.

Practiced daily this can reconnect you with a deep part of yourself.

Where deep feelings surface, purging and cleansing you for the good!

This exercise cleanses, increases awareness, and just helps clear your head. ūüôā


Quote from A Man Thinketh

Of all the beautiful truths pertaining to the soul which have been restored and brought to light in this age, none is more gladdening or fruitful of divine promise and confidence than this, that man is the master of thought, the molder of character, and the maker and shaper of condition , environment and destiny.

Unveiling The Truth…to discovering your inner self.

Unveiling The Truth…to discovering your inner self.

Finally here, my truth!

Written by me, the idea came from not feeling I had the “ideal” body, as well as not feeling “white” enough, according to my society. And that led to feelings of unattractiveness and feelings of rejection.

During the finishing steps of the book over the last years, I realized it was healing alot of anger from the rejection I felt from my mother saw as well.

Useful tips and tools simplified for teenagers, but adults will appreciate the affirmations and quotes as well, and maybe even my perspective.

Very healing.

Spiritual Development Begins Early

Nurture. Cultivate. Empower
Talk to yourself, and ask questions.
Look to art, music, nature, movement, the written word, or self care products and services to connect with the inner you.
Make you a priority and commit to the lifestyle of self care and preservation of complete health.
The reward.  An empowered mind, body, and spirit.
All three unite to lay the foundation of high self esteem, allowing the full potential for an individual’s success in life.¬†I feel learning and teaching our young people about spirituality is one way that fosters this growth on many levels, and should be essential in teaching our children this very useful skill, I consider a philosophy of living.
Children need to find comfort in the confusion they may face in the workings of the world.  They also need to feel a sense of belonging.  Many parents have lost contact with their children during the teenage years, leaving them clueless as to what is going on in their lives. If there is any point in their lives especially important as well as the young toddler years, this is it.
They are learning about who they are, where they fit in, as well as where they are going.  This is imposed on many of them at the beginning of high school if not before.  (What an appropriate time for spiritual coaching).
They need a place to turn to even if their parents are involved in their lives.   Some are not comfortable with the idea of seeing a counselor, and may not have any other close adult friend they can talk to.
This is where spirituality can give them a space to connect with themselves, as well as have a space they are not feeling judged for their actions or decisions, and accepts them regardless.  They need this outlet.
A teenager’s life is more stressful than many people think, if people were to seriously sit down and reflect on all of the stimulation they receive from the environment and what they are being taught, and by who, parents might gain a better understanding of what their children are going through. ¬†And
they might see how serious it is to make sure we are in constant communication with them.
For example, the topic of rejection, I feel our media/society actually teaches us many ways to reject ourselves. I personally had never realized how many ways we are shown this through their standards of how to live. ¬†It’s no wonder people become so angry. ¬†From the color of our skin, our sexual orientation, handicaps, how tall or short we are, where we are from, how much money we have, ¬†this is a sure fire way for those of us who pay attenttion to feel rejected. ¬†And not only that, ¬†but it also divides us as a people.
Just take a look for yourself, and see what types of things are portrayed:
-what makes a person likeable, how we should act, what we should look like, and how we should live our lives…and how you are viewed if you don’t follow the tradtional American lifestyle…
All the more reason to connect spiritually.
Now think about how being spiritually connected to oneself can benefit someone feeling so lonely and rejected by their environment…
And how it is so important…
So, as for “being spiritual,” it’s long overdue to say that I feel¬†that it doesn’t need to be a form of organized religion nor anything god-based. ¬†It is a very personal commitment to a way of living, that I feel should only be dictated by the individual, and what resonates with them.
(They are probably many individuals who don’t relate to organized religion, and just haven’t discovered other means to teach their children a philosophy and so good morals become lost; along with its importance as an everyday way of living).
Equipping our children at an early age with useful tools empowers them on all levels and helps them cope with the reality of the world.  That includes situations/challenges of the world as well as people whose actions they cannot control.  If our children learned they can only control themselves with a better understanding of those around them, and why they do what they do, they would have a much fairer chance of not letting their environment affect them. So you see, being spiritually aware serves many functions of importance in developing a healthy, well-rounded individual.
Below I have compiled a list of why I feel teaching this is so important, and how this philosophy will benefit children as well as adults, more specifically:
1) Spirituality as philosophy of living, connects you with yourself.  When you make the commitment to loving and nurturing yourself first and foremost, nothing in your environment can affect your sense of self esteem, worth, or value, because they have no power.  It will also help them understand the ways of the natural world.
2) It connects you with things beyond the physical world to see that everything is connected.  When one becomes aware of this, one also accesses the wisdom of manifestation and creating whatever their heart desires in this world.  And what a great way to empower the young!
3) As a young adult, going through many stresses of their own, whatever it may be, spirituality also fosters reassurance. Especially in alone time, or at the end of the day when the distractions are gone. ¬†I passionately feel many people aren’t teaching their kids the value of alone time. ¬†Having a hectic lifestyle and constantly being pre-occupied with “things” and a constant on-the-go lifestyle is not teaching them this, nor balance in their lives, on any level.
4) It’s helpful for them to know they exist for a reason, have gifts to give the world, and can manifest anything their heart desires. ¬†It is only society and their environment that holds them back from such dreams. And the more connected to themselves they are, the more abundance they will have.
5) It also teaches them harmony and balance within, to find their guidance here, learn to appreciate their own worth.
6) They can find a sense of duty to others, as helping others feel special and happy makes them feel happy. ¬†This teaches compassion, something I don’t think is really taught anymore, unless one comes from a spiritual home.
7) There is only a “sense” of being alone. ¬†Help them get into touch spiritually, and that world will open up.
Now, here is a list of some easy steps for teenagers to connect with themselves:
Make it something fun and enjoyable!
Play with angel cards, they are a great tool, that work just like positive affirmation cards.
Doreen Virtue, holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, she has written over 50 books and has an extensive collection of cards
They can carry a few with them
Create a spiritual place or start a spiritual practice (drawing, painting, some other craft, yoga, meditation, sit in nature, gardening)
Reading self-help or spiritual based books, they are short ones now too, if yours just aren’t into reading much
And as they get older, incorporating self care/self preservation rituals like facials, massage, specialty beauty products,non-competitive sports…)
Here is a list of some recommended reading for them, if they are readers:
The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz
Illusions by Richard Bach
Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

Law of Balance, Focus, and Strength

Affirmation/Study Card for Young Students or Anyone Needing Focus

Perfect for study time.

Focus, clarity and strength

Law of Balance, Focus, and Strength

I am balanced and focused with perfect clarity, in mind and body to complete the tasks ahead of me.
I am patient and allow myself to work at my own pace to achieve all of my goals during this time.
I am intelligent and with hard work I know I can succeed at whatever I put my mind to.

Simple Tips for Connecting with You

Teach Yourself How to Be Alone:

Read, Paint, Draw, Write, Build Something

Take up gardening

Discover a solo art form involving music or even a group,  something involving movement in  music

Spend time in nature, take up yoga, meditation, tai chi – a Chinese system of meditative physical exercise to balance

Pick up a deck of affirmation cards to post daily or carry with you

Carry a special amulet or sentimental piece with you

Create a designated space with a spiritual altar where you can place meaningful pictures, candles, incense, or affirmation cards to inspire you for greatness.  (This also creates a more serious place for you to manifest your dreams)!

Just speak to yourself, like praying,  (can be just like speaking to yourself) in just your  random daily activities.  Start asking yourself questions. Why do I feel like this?  How do I achieve this result,?  Why did I choose to do that?

Just journal and write about anything and everything

Exercises to Inspire Love

1) Write a list of what you love about yourself, including what makes you unique

2) Write a list of your true heart’s desires

3) Write about what brings you joy

4) Write about how you can picture your life differently to feel more happiness

5) Write a list of what you can do for yourself daily to nurture yourself

6) Write about your fears.  Imagine what it would feel like to overcome them

7) Make a list of what can show gratitude for

Daily Affirmations.

Mastering My Own Mind and Thoughts, Empowers Me

I am responsible for my thoughts, actions, and views of the world.

My thoughts and words have value, and are important.

My time is valueable.

I make time for me.

I am learning HOW to think for myself everyday.

Peoples’ comments and opinions can’t make me feel unpleasant unless I let them. ¬†If I experience feeling unpleasant, I accept these emotions and let them go. ¬†They are not for my highest good.

I release all fears that others will judge me, I know who I am.

I choose positive people, who always want the best for me.

I am intelligent and powerful and have the ability to choose WHO I want to surround myself with.

I love and respect myself, by nurturing all of me.

I love and embrace everything that I am.