Standing as Lovers and Visionaries

We try to rhyme rhythms
That open blind eyes,
But we stumble.
Because the rhythms come in a form we’re still learning how to play.

As the quiet stirs, chords weave and spin whispers of this new dance we can’t explain.

Until now.

I hear it’s the sound of sweet sweet.

A sweet-sweet,
I like to call…

The love-sick song…and path to freedom.


The Divine

Breathing in,
I fine tune my strings.
Just as the water touches my nose,
I purify all thoughts to “wash myself of myself.”

I cleanse my all to become one with this sweetness.

This divine grace,

That is my all,

Is now free,

To become one,

With everything.

Everything that is beautiful and lovely,

And Everything I consider to be Sacred…

Love Seized

Living lost days,
We sat in a crime,
Our eyes fixed by love.

Humbled by its quiet nature,
We danced forever
In that look.

When our hearts melted
Between the lyrical flow of our hands
And the thick weight of our breath,
Something gave way.

But it wasn’t as it seemed,
For it was a different love
A love
Just before,

A Love Song

The source of all love my dear one,

Steals a gaze,

And I exchange words.

When I overcome my thoughts

Blanketed by these affections,

I step back to the beat.

I adore this hope

In my prayers,

For a silent dedication,

To this,

I call,

A love song.

A Tender Tale

Bending here to let my hands go loose,

I crave with my all-ness,

To be true.


With thirsty eyes,

The heat straightens and sculpts my words.

I should not touch it as this heat will seduce me

To my ends.

Just like the delicate nature of my lips touched twice.

I, at last,

Embrace this tenderest of loves.

Love Woven Tight

No, my love did not become a wound.

I, in my meekness sit reading white lines,

Trying to figure it all out.

My mind spins,

And the cracks in the silence,

Cripple me to my knees.

A love like this,

Is a classic tale, woven tight in scriptures and engraved


To unveil

All that is holy,

And everlasting.