Unveiling The Truth…to discovering your inner self.

Unveiling The Truth…to discovering your inner self.

Finally here, my truth!

Written by me, the idea came from not feeling I had the “ideal” body, as well as not feeling “white” enough, according to my society. And that led to feelings of unattractiveness and feelings of rejection.

During the finishing steps of the book over the last years, I realized it was healing alot of anger from the rejection I felt from my mother saw as well.

Useful tips and tools simplified for teenagers, but adults will appreciate the affirmations and quotes as well, and maybe even my perspective.

Very healing.


Using Our Words As Gifts of Acknowledgment

Making it a habit, it just makes our children feel good.  Adults as well.

Thank you for all the nice things you do.

Thank you for thinking of me.

I respect how you handled that situation today.

Thank you for caring and respecting your body by exercising and eating well.

You inspire me with your motivation.

I appreciate it when you try so hard.

Thank you for being patient when I was busy.

I have so much fun with you.

I truly appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

You are so creative and talented.