Goal Setting, Starting Young

Turning Dreams Into Reality Turning The Invisible Into Visible

(This can be used in all facets of life, it’s just about manifesting and creating the type of life you want to live)

Specifically this is about making a career out of something that could be looked at as a hobby, and encourage you to pursue your passion.  As well as inform you  it is possible to  make money doing what you love.  (Sometimes it may take working other jobs to help supplement a regular income).  That’s why it’s a great idea to start young, and work wisely.

There are alot of the reasons  fresh ideas don’t move forward, but here are just a few things to get you started., regardless of you are an entrepreneur and wanna invent a new product, idea, or service.  This is just about teaching you how to manifest dreams.

-Research marketing strategies /Being Social (Many facets available now)

-Focus on the goal, don’t worry about the  how it will come.  This helps create a step by step process.

By researching, taking notes, assessing others who may be doing the same thing

-Focus and Think about it. Alot.

Step One:

Listen to yourself.   Is this something you really want?  How hard will I have to work to get to my dream?  What will I need to do to bring this dream into reality?

Step Two:

Set up a personal map using these tips:

Is it sensible?  Does it make sense?

Has someone else already done this, or is doing this?

Or is it something unique?

Is this something I can attain now?  Or what do I need to do now to make this possible?

How much time will it take me?

Does this involve an investment of money?  And how much?

How much time is involved in manifesting this idea?

How much money do I want to make in my life at this time for my personal wants and to sustain me in the future? Define what type of lifestyle you would like to have.


Step Three:

(The perfect time to designate a creative space in a bedroom or study area).

Drawing pictures, symbols, and any ideas associated with your goal.  Envision as you already have it.  Include the steps and the end result.

Make a chart, and check off as you finish each step, reward yourself for achieving each goal

Now release your great ideas to come about!

Start this path to greatness, and you are on your way.

Just remember, don’t give up, stay passionate about your intent, and see what happens.


Using Our Words As Gifts of Acknowledgment

Making it a habit, it just makes our children feel good.  Adults as well.

Thank you for all the nice things you do.

Thank you for thinking of me.

I respect how you handled that situation today.

Thank you for caring and respecting your body by exercising and eating well.

You inspire me with your motivation.

I appreciate it when you try so hard.

Thank you for being patient when I was busy.

I have so much fun with you.

I truly appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

You are so creative and talented.